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˿Ƶ Data, Analytics, and Institutional Research

Mission: Create a workforce & organizational model, governance framework, data architecture, and data services that can deliver consistency, shared best practices, and consensus while promoting autonomy, agility, and innovation. 

Key tenants include:

  • The UM IR and UM DMI provide services for all four campuses as well as the system-level offices.  The scope of these services must, at a minimum, include any enterprise data sources and system-level data definitions in order to eliminate duplication of effort and cost.
  • The ˿Ƶ offices align with the MU Analytics Services as enumerated above.  For each distributed domain area, the central MU Analytics provides analyst support and best practices. 
  • While each domain owns their business expertise, they will have varying technical and analytical skillsets.  The central offices can provide those services as needed.  Current state MU Analytics provides analytics services for Undergraduate and Enrollment and Registration Management.  Specific Academic Units are also in process of hiring resources on the MU Analytics team for dedicated support.  

​ċċċUDAIR Goals:

Data Foundations

  • Break down the silos
  • Promote access to governed data

Self-Service Analytics

  • Operationally scale up from ad-hoc to on-demand
  • Develop a "product approach" to delivering data

Agile Data Discovery

  • Enable agility to discover insights
  • Develop a path from agility to certified datasets

Governed Data

  • Owner & Steward responsibilities by domain, including data quality
  • Data defined and documented to promote usability

Data Literacy & Adoption

  • Grow the ability to communicate, read, and work with data
  • Promote and monitor the adoption of analytics

Promote Advanced Analytics

  • Proscriptive analytics for student success
  • AI for operational efficiency

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Reviewed 2023-12-04